Comprehensive Front-end GUI Design and Development. We created navigation and functional specs within UI standards including usability testing guidelines. Custom built Graphics, Buttons, Icons and the Company Logo Creation. Optimized for web standards. Client: Inhouse Project
Description: Online appointment scheduling system for the Healthcare industry.
Client: Marfic Technologies
Description: Provides IT solutions Client: Inhouse Project
Description: Online Lotto Game
Client: Revonics
Description: Static website which sells scientific instruments Client: Radius Power
Description: Corporate website which sells Electrical products
Client: Gelato De Roma
Description: Static website for Ice Cream and Pizza place
Client: Think Digital
Description: Created DVD Cover Design for Think Indi films
Client: Secret Sauce Inc.
Description: Marketing and Public relations
Client: 7-TEL, Inc.
Description: Global Communications
Client: NtechRA Inc.
Description: Designed Marketing Colletral
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Client: Worl Wide Web Institute
Description: Poster Design
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Client: Solution Soft
Description: Brochure Design
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NtechRA Inc.